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Inviting miracles into our lives


When Joshua and I first came up with the idea of writing a book about divine intervention for the Jewish people, we made up a list of all the personal stories we had heard from our friends, as well as our own. Within a few minutes, there was enough material right here to fill a book! So, with Joshua’s strong encouragement, I began the project of writing down these events. Very soon many more stories were unexpectedly brought our way, practically falling into my lap. For instance, an old faded Ma’ariv newspaper, dated one year previously July 24, 2002, had been dumped in the forest next door. My son noticed it as he took a walk with his children. He brought it to me and dropped it on my lap. This paper was exactly what I had been looking for! Its two full front pages photographs and articles were dramatically relating the Pi Glilot miracle in Haifah that had averted a major disaster for the entire area. I had inquired a few times about the details of this event but no one could well remember.


Miracles happen more often than we will ever know. If all the miraculous events in Israel would be reported, they could fill an entire encyclopedia. Most people, when asked about it, will have at least one story to tell. I watch their face light up with gratefulness, enthusiasm and wonder as they begin to speak about it. Most of these stories are fascinating, certainly more inspiring than talking about the weather or politics.


In this book you will find many stories of these blessed events of inexplicable, masterful interventions occurring in perfect timing and magical synchronicity.


Miracles usually happen in totally unforeseen often bewildering and playful ways, as if orchestrated by the all-knowing, benevolent, all powerful Presence who knows all our thoughts, all our choices, our ability to receive and to take courageous action, our good intents and also our helplessness and fears. This Presence is always there to guide, inspire and encourage us.


The trouble is that most of the time we are not conscious of that invaluable saving guidance. Somehow, we are raised in this world with ear muffs and blinders on. So divine Providence has to use creative ways to protect us and guide us, and sometimes it does this by planting an idea into someone’s receptive mind. Many times that suggestion happens to be logically incongruous or mistaken, but it also happens to be perfect to save a situation that could have been horrific. At times we are also rescued through the life-saving blunders from our enemies. It is through their own sudden irrational decisions or imaginings that disasters and much suffering and trauma for us are prevented.


We can see in these stories that our lives do not ultimately depend on the ruling power of heads of state or of weapons. The Infinite master of creation can change anyone’s thoughts at any time.


In reality, our fate is depending on our heartfelt connection with the Power and the Presence of our Infinite Creator, through our love and prayers. It is also depending on the mysterious and intricate designs of our higher purpose and destiny.


You may ask: “How can we invite miracles into our lives?”


We have learned from our Sages that we, human beings, are blessed with the extraordinary potential of connecting with the infinite, all knowing, ever present Power that created, sustains and renews all Creation. At every moment, we can connect with the ways and will of God. This divine will is ever seeking to infuse us with wisdom, peace, strength, love and joy. This is our greatest miracle we can choose to open our heart to this blessed will and then witness what our creator can orchestrate for us. We can chose to walk in harmony with it.


When hearing this, many people will groan: “Me? Connecting with the Creator?Opening my heart?Loving people? Not for me!”


Even though establishing this connection seems difficult, it is easier than it seems, because our soul is created in the image of our Creator. Our essential self, our soul, this great mystery, is a spark of the Infinite One who sustains us. It is a channel for the Light and Love of the Source of Life. It is destined to be a co-creator with the divine plan of creation.


You may have persistent questions:

• “How can I feel the love of the Creator?”

This happens when you choose to express loving kindness toward others.

You can trust that Love is your foundation of well being, strength and bliss. You can choose to drop the criticism and anxieties and instead, to love at every turn. With Love you experience pure delight, healing, harmony and peaceful oneness. You can begin by loving the people that touch your life, remembering that everyone needs love, most of all. You can love the beauty, the awesome masterful designs and creative genius that are bringing forth life. You can love the One who supports you all and you can begin to reflect His love to His children.

Perhaps you may have noticed the glow of blissful joy that appears on the face of those who love unconditionally. You can also live like that.


• “How can I experience the joy and fulfillment of creativity?”

You can choose to be creative in a way that enhances and benefits life. Like most everyone else, you have an urge and wish to express yourself with creative ideas, thoughts, words and actions, with the eagerness of children. When you find a way to enhance and inspire the lives of others even with just a smile, a kind word of support, a considerate suggestion, you feel blessed and fulfilled.


• “How can I experience divine Bliss?”

There are many ways you can begin to feel it when you focus on the blissful awareness of holy mentors, sages and saintly people. When you love wisdom, when you love what is healing and strengthening to your whole being, bliss will dawn on you spontaneously in flashes of higher perception, peace and love.


This simple formula really does work for everyone. When we follow it, soon our prayers become spontaneous, sincere, connecting us with a new Light. And the wonder is, we then begin to receive unexpected miracles. Our life does improve steadfastly and sometimes dramatically.


We live in miraculous times, being privileged to witness momentous changes, vast expansions in every field of knowledge surging forth at a breathtaking pace, with a vitality and creativity as never experienced before. And through the internet, all this is made available globally within minutes!


We hardly can keep up with the undreamed of discoveries from inspired scientists in the fields of relativity and quantum physics, space exploration, cellular and molecular biology and a multitude of other fields of research. Some of these findings are presenting new concepts that confirm the statements that great Kabbalists and holy men have sought to convey to their students before. For instance, there is one basic truth being rediscovered through the eyes of our advanced scientists. This truth is that the creative mastery, wisdom and universal order permeating the myriad aspects of creation all originate from the same Source, the One unfathomable Source.


Each answered question, gives rise to ten more! The more extended research can go, the deeper scientists are probing, the more awed they are at the miracle of our existence, its infinitely subtle as well as its infinitely vast dimensions.


Quantum physicists have also found that nothing in creation disappears into nothingness; all things only transform and change. This means that we human beings also never disappear into nothingness. It makes sense to realize that this magnificent life energy and divine essence that we are cannot possibly die, even though at times it seems to diminish or disappear, like during our sleep or during sickness or old age. From the reports of personal experiences of many thousands of people from all corners of the world we have heard that at the end of our life in this world, we do not die, we only transform. Our physical frame is left behind and this allows us to enter much higher indescribable realms of awareness and experience, of many other realities, according as to who we are. Eventually, we connect with our real self, our radiant, pure, eternal soul, and as we merge with it, we are lifted much higher to the One who creates all Forever.


You can realize that our Creator is not short of resources! This eternal Being gives us every opportunity for growth that we may require. No one needs to despair about their poor condition and accomplishments. We can start anew every day and stride ahead toward new avenues of expressing ourselves with joy as we learn to love and live more wisely. The sooner we do it, the happier we will be. Every step is a joy when we honor ourselves and others in this process.


The unique stories of divine intervention you find in this book will convey to you the assurance that we are being protected, watched over, assisted and guided in inexplicable and astounding ways when we connect with the benevolent Power and Intelligence that created and governs our Universe through time and eternity.

from the book: Masters and Miracles – By Liliane Ritchie




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