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Life Saving Turning Points for Israel


Ever since the founding of the State of Israel

1948, much of the world’s attention has been directed toward this nation and its people. There is a certain puzzlement and wonder at the way this tiny land, so small that it can hardly be found on a world map, has survived, completely surrounded by huge hostile countries where leaders have vowed to “wipe Israel off the map”. In spite of six wars, countless terrorist attacks, continuous threats, relentless world political pressure fueled by oil interests, life in Israel is thriving more than ever before.


Once again, this tiny nation whose primary desire is to build a better world with real mutual support for all nations, finds itself pitted against many dark forces. There are those who disseminate fear and virulent hatred against Israel, especially through the media, with many means to do it.


Many wonder: ”Where does the strength of this people come from? What is their secret?” Most people living in the Holy Land can sense an invisible, yet immensely powerful and protective force surrounding them. They know it is there, intervening for them through their connection with the Infinite One, Source of Life and All Good.


The most wondrous aspect of divine protection in Israel has been manifested during its most dangerous periods of wars.


As an example you may remember two of the most miraculous times we are privileged to know

– crucial moments that allowed the people of Israel to survive in the Holy Land.


In 1967 in Egypt, President Nasser’s vociferous voice over the media was proclaiming hatred of Jews and declaring war against Israel. He had rallied forces with Syria, Jordan and Iraq – altogether an enormous power with more than one hundred million in population – announcing the end of the State of Israel.


On May 22 1967, Egypt blockaded the Israel Southern port of Eilat and the gulf of Akaba. Through this gulf came vital cargo including 80% of Israel’s oil imports.


Grandiose military parades were exhibiting the force of a huge arsenal of weapons. Four hundred jet fighters and bombers as well as a thousand tanks backed by 100,000 troops were ready to take action and bring devastation to the land and cities of Israel.


The Egyptians thought they were invincible, yet they didn’t realize there was another Force confronting them, a much more powerful Force than theirs. It came from the ardent prayers of all the souls connecting with the Compassionate One, Master of Creation. For every Jewish child, mother, father, saintly Master, Rebbe, Tzaddik and every caring person in the world in between didn’t want to see a reproduction of the Holocaust.


There was no time to lose. One morning, June 5, Israeli jet fighters managed to enter Egypt. Flying low through previously discovered gaps in the Egyptian radar net on the Western side, they came in separate groups of four, a few minutes apart. A total surprise.


First they managed to destroy the air fields, so as to prevent Egyptian fighter planes from taking off. Then, most amazingly, within two and a half hours of bombing, 80% of the Egyptian bombers and 50% of their MiGs fighter jets were suddenly rendered harmless! On the next day, breakfast time, these pilots came in again and continued destroying more fighter jets, military planes, missile sites, radar installations until all 18

Egyptians air bases had been hit. Nineteen Israeli planes were shot down through ground fire.


Next, The Israeli pilots had to face Jordainian and Syrian planes who were now attacking Israel. They managed to destroy their main airfields and many jet fighters as well in air combat.


But there was another formidable enemy ready to attack. It was encamped in the Sinai desert. Backing them were almost 100,000 troops and a thousand tanks with abundant artillery already springing into action. They were entrenched in huge fortresses.


Aside from that, Nasser called for military forces from Jordan and Lebanon to invade Israel, pretending that he was victorious. In the general confusion, they took action.


At that time, Israel’s population numbered barely 2 million. The situation looked ominous and terrifying for many. Israel’s army was way outnumbered! The oil supplies had been cut down to 20%. All the reserves had to be mobilized. Many wondered: “How were they going to deal with this?” No one in the world was taking any action to protect them.


People today are still wondering about these incomparable days. The only thing we can say is that the Israelis had the masterful help from Above. This help gave them the guidance, the courage, the faith and powerful determination to plunge into this impossible task of confronting these enemy forces. This higher guidance inspired their leaders with the insights and genial ingenuity in taking decisions and forming intricate plans of action. In one night they organized surprise attacks from four different directions! They fooled the Egyptians by building wooden tanks and placing them in areas where the Egyptians expected Israelis to appear. Somehow their maneuvers managed to dislocate and confuse the opposite commanders to a state of panic, causing their armies to fall apart! Most commanders fled back to Cairo, abandoning their troops. The retreat turned into a rout.


After 96 hours, the war in Sinai was over!

The events of these battles call to mind the amazing victories of King David under God’s guidance, only on a grander scale.


The Power that superbly orchestrates life-saving events was there with the Israeli soldiers, officers and commanders, strengthening and guiding them.


As a rule, Israelis would much rather make peace with their enemies than kill them when being attacked. Peace and mutual support is their deepest wish and hope and they seek every avenue to create it.


Five thousand Egyptian soldiers, including 500 officers, were taken prisoners to exchange for the 19 Israeli pilots who had been shot down and captured in Egypt. They were given food and water and transported to the Suez Canal, where Egyptian boats came to ferry them home. Many of those who eluded capture and tried to get back on their own died of dehydration in the desert.


These two days were followed by another series of astounding, inexplicable events in the northern front. After first attacking Israel, the Syrian and Jordanian soldiers soon became confused and demoralized, for lack of confident leaders with them, and were running for their lives. Doors opened for the Israeli forces to walk in. Considering the risks taken, mercifully, in this area very few lives were lost, either Jewish or Muslim.


This war could have created enormous disasters for millions on each side. Yet, miraculously it was all over within Six Days!


The news of these awesome events stunned the world, strengthening the hearts of all the Jewish people, as well as all their friends scattered all over the globe. These were days of immense relief, euphoric joy, renewed faith and deep gratefulness for the Almighty’s hand of Divine Intervention, whose Power manifested so masterfully. Deep gratefulness was sent to the pilots, officers, commanders and soldiers, who were heroic enough to risk their lives many times over to defend their people. They had chosen to go through years of intense training and hardships to be prepared to face the enemy intelligently and effectively.


Here are other awesome miraculous events of divine intervention:

In the 1980’s, Syria managed to take control over Lebanon. It was infiltrating countless thousands of PLO in this previously neutral country. The Lebanese population was tyrannized and abused in cruel ways. Their country was used as a military base to get at Israel. For two years the Syrians were planning an air attack on Israel. Israeli villages were being bombarded. Israel warned the PLO, to no avail.


Israeli jets flew in to destroy some PLO bases. Within seconds Syrian MiGs jet fighters attacked. An air battle took place followed by a few others of most dramatic air encounters. Unbelievably, within 6 days, one by one, 86 Syrian MiGs were destroyed by the Israeli F15 and F16 jet fighters! And after each battle these few Israeli jet fighters returned to their base, intact!


Even the military experts cannot explain how these extraordinary events happened. These moments have been well documented. The truth is, the Israeli pilots were also in awe. Some confidentially reported that every split second motion of their hand directing their plane had been guided. They confided that a mysterious presence was there at their side during combat.


As secular Israelis, they soon turned to their spiritual roots. They became observant of their religious laws, after experiencing this blessed unique guidance during their battles in the sky.


What is the secret?

Our Sages and great Masters have shown us how to really care for others. They also have inspired us to connect in trust with the Supreme Almighty One with renewed commitment, gratitude and love. When we do this, we experience inner strength and peace within and this allows peace from Heaven to appear in our world. We all share a common destiny. Peace unfolds in silent, secret pathways of protection and increasing abundance, manifesting in ingenious ways.


For millennia a great battle has been raging between the forces of darkness and the power of Light. The Jewish people have been standing on the front lines over and over, through the millennia, with the mission to defend the cause of Light. Their connection with the Almighty and their willingness to be of service and sacrifice their lives for their people are powerful forces that bless the entire world and mankind.


We each have a part in inviting divine protection for our people and our world. Powerful higher energies of blessings are brought forth through our eager connection in awe and Love with the Master of Creation, Source of all Light and Joy. They also come through our courageous willingness to protect and serve others with care and attention. They come through the heroic willingness of those who stand on the front lines. They allow this peace we are so longing for to manifest in our situations.


This peace can happen even if this merit is built by only a minority. We can become more aware of how God responds in manifold ways to every prayer and action coming from a loving heart. We are treasured, supported and honored in ways beyond our comprehension. This is especially true for every person on earth who is yearning for and working toward times of peace and justice, times of higher wisdom and caring between people.


Today’s media tends to loudly proclaim in every detail all the dangers and problems we are facing on our planet. Most of them are presented with no suggestions whatsoever on how to resolve them. We have a responsibility and a choice where to put our attention and invest our time. We can decide instead, to investigate and discover all the miraculous, silent, divine interventions we are all benefiting from every day. We will continue to benefit from them through our ever deepening commitment to what is truly effective and eternally valuable, and allowing our life to flow with that.


Most often protection comes in spite of our mistakes and imperfections. Sometimes it occurs through the mistakes of our enemies. Who knows what will unfold? God has many surprises awaiting us.


The Jewish people have been praying through the centuries for real peace. Our prayers are now ascending stronger than ever. May every nation find prosperity with more awareness and kindly ways of life. May our Muslim neighbors and cousins realize that virulent hatred, especially when disseminated among many millions, is the very worst thing they can create for themselves. This inevitably brings them to disaster in some form or another. May they awaken and be blessed with inner peace. May they be uplifted with the joy of true service of God, with awe, wisdom and acceptance of all people and nations.


May their coming generation be raised with happier dreams, values and knowledge. This is our cherished hope and prayer.


Does your mind tell you that this is an impossible dream? Don’t despair. Leave it to the Almighty’s ingenuities to create changes. Remember, nothing is impossible to Him.


There is an ancient prophesy, “The knowledge of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea bed”. Many hold to that dream and expect miracles even greater than those already demonstrated so far.


But in the meantime, our first responsibility is to stand firm in Israel and protect each other. Also, it is up to each of us to invite into our lives God’s divine protection for our people and our world. Powerful, higher energies of blessings are brought forth through our eager connection with the Infinite Master of the Universe, Source of All Wisdom. They also manifest through our courageous willingness to protect and serve others with care and attention. In Israel and abroad, on every Jewish holiday or in every time of need, people join together in heartfelt prayer. This commitment is the power that builds civilizations and allows them to endure.


Today mankind is facing more danger of massive destruction than ever through nuclear weapons at hand. We need to remember that there is no power stronger than the Force of the Almighty. At this very moment, great powers are at play to prevent the extermination of countless people. God will not allow it.


Through the stories in Masters and Miracles, you are welcome to decipher some of the secret plans of the Supreme Master of Creation. This book is here for you to receive increasing joy, strength and confidence regarding the future of Israel, mankind and our beautiful planet.

from the book: Masters and Miracles – By Liliane Ritchie




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