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Love’s Higher Vision on Relationships


Higher inspiration comes through many different channels. For some, it comes most powerfully through the Masters of loving kindness that have graced our world with their presence of immense compassion. When we connect in our heart with great Masters, they find a way to reach out to us and guide us. Here is one way that happened to me a few years ago. It was a startling experience. Yet, over time, it completely slipped from my memory for a few years. One day, looking through some papers, I was surprised to find these following notes:


“In a dream at night I found myself among spiritual friends in a large gathering, standing close to the Lubavitcher Rebbe.He was sitting there facing us. I mustered up enough courage to approach him and told him:

“My husband and I would like to write a book about “Blessing your marriage”.


The Rebbe opened his eyes wide and leaned toward me. In that timeless momentHis presence felt like an awesome,penetrating, all embracing powerful soul contact. I also could feel the presence of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach with him as well.


“Oh that’s a very good idea” he replied with strong empathy and blessings.

Then he leaned forward and reaching down with his hand he traced some sweeping patterns over a beautiful light pink floor. I was surprised and I looked. These were free flowing patterns like some flamboyant ancient signature that were curling up in majestic, glowing pink colors.”


The symbolic meaning of these wide curls was his way of speaking to me in my own language, since I am an artist. I understood it well.


When I woke up that morning I spontaneously began to write about love’s higher vision on Relationships, especially about marriage. Words flowed freely on the page like wide, flowing patterns in bright pink, for this color carries the healing energy of Love.


* ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ *

“We cannot live in joy without true love and we all yearn to live in joy. Our golden opportunities given to us for our growth and fulfillment come through marriage, as well as raising children and bonding with real friends, because in these relationships we chose a lasting commitment to cherish, to treasure, to support, to honor and to love others. We are given a chance to express our very best in a true, lasting way, repeated many times over for their many needs and yearnings.


True Love is unconditional. It doesn’t stop when our spouse or children or friends make mistakes. It is accepting the mistakes with a sense of humor. Just like a good mother accepts her young child’s awkward fumbling to get dressed, with a giggle and a compliment, true love shows compassion for our human frailties and vulnerability.


We know that True lasting Love is the gateway to joy. We cannot really feel alive without joy in our lives. Joy is our soul’s primary need, just as food. Without it life becomes tasteless, dull, boring and hateful. It becomes a harsh “reality” for us.


It is known that Realityfor us is what we choose to feel within. True Reality is revealed to us when we choose to feel love for God and His creation. When we choose to perceive many souls through the higher vision of love and compassion, when we choose to understand, to honor and to support them through the eyes of Love, we experience true Reality.


True love is a choicewe make many times a day. Being loving can become a choice as spontaneous as breathing, as vital, as natural and expected as breathing.


What is true Reality? The harsh “reality” we believe in is there because we don’t know yet that we can choose a better one, the one connected to higher, eternal realms.


We express true love when we are accepting our loved ones just as they are, cherishing the beauty and precious uniqueness of their spirit, sensing the presence of the sacred in the depths of their soul, becoming aware of much greater depths than we knew. When we are sitting quietly together in prayerful moments of sharing, of listening with compassionate empathy and care, we may begin to experience the sense of being united as one. We may somehow become aware of the sacredness and mystery of life that has no boundaries, no limitations ~ a sense of timelessness. A sense, of being nourished with grace and kindness. Harmony embraces us with its crowning beauty ~ ~ ~


True Love brings us safely into a state of deep fulfillment, of safety, contentment, peace.


True Love is like spinning and weaving golden silk threads of great resilience, building a safe bridge of Light that will carry us and allow us to reach the majestic realms of beauty and Life Above ~ ~ ~


True Love moulds our personality to express its very best, strengthening whatever is beneficial in its unique characteristics and gently melting away our negative traits ~ ~ ~


True Love builds up our courage and determination to face life’s challenges with focus, trust, commitment and steady steps. Not to be afraid of losses, for we know that nothing is so important compared to the fulfillment and joy of loving ~ ~ ~


With true love it is easy to experience the joy of being a real friend, caring and loyal ~ ~ ~


True Love allows us to begin to perceive the true nature of Universal Reality, which is built on the foundation of cosmic Love ~ ~ ~


True Love is grace permeating our very essence, a healing balm soothing away all hurts, all darkness, a light illuminating our minds with new concepts we never dreamed about ~ ~ ~


True love is preparing us for yet greater inner revelations that heal, that renew our strength at every moment of our lives, at every challenge ~ ~


True love gives us ever renewed Joy that allows us to walk through life with light, dancing steps. (If we weren’t so afraid to make a fool of ourselves, we would be surprised to see how many people would be dancing in the streets!) ~

~ ~


True love is our choice to help our soul mate and children live their lives with lightness and well being ~ ~ ~


True love is laughing at our own frailties and illusions, knowing we are ever given new chances to learn, to grow, to begin again, to express new beneficial gestures of kindness, new hope, new creativity. Knowing that the Higher Power of Life is very generous with us and is recreating us again and again every day. Knowing it recreates us not only in this life as we know it but also recreates us later in higher dimensions yet to be discovered ~ ~ ~



True love is the warmth within, like curling up in a cozy corner near the warmth of a crackling fire on a cold winter night ~ ~ ~


True love is like walking through an enchanted garden with ancient trees, with the fragrances of blossoms, with beautiful running rivers, waterfalls, meadows, lakes and majestic hills ~ ~


True love is experiencing the exuberant, powerful divine Life Force that runs through our blood and every cell of our being ~ ~ ~


True love is consciously receiving this Life Force with trust and blissful awareness ~ ~ ~


True love is expressing this Life Force with eager commitment and joy in our actions, words and thoughts. True Love is feeling this Life Force running through our every breath, beating our heart, coursing through our blood stream, electrifying and vivifying the myriad cells, atoms and electrons of our being ~ ~ ~


True love is standing in wonder at the beauty and the mystery of the divine plan held in the soul of our loved ones ~ ~ ~



True love is our deep commitment to support this sacred Life coursing through and hidden under the surface of this physical reality ~ ~ ~


True love is being grateful for it all ~ ~ ~



True love is trusting that all is well after all, all is right in the greater order of things, in ways we don’t yet perceive and understand yet ~ ~ ~


True love is trusting that we are never alone, that we were created to love and to be loved, that there will always be someone to love in our lives among the 6 billion people inhabiting this planet, who also basically need to love and to be loved ~

~ ~



True love is being sensitive to our most vitally urgent yearning to express love.


True love is scattering seeds of Light in the garden of our lives, seeds of acts of kindness and care, seeds of creativity, seeds of appreciation, new vision and understanding. Knowing these seeds will take root and eventually bloom forth.


True love is being aware of our loved one’s need for respect. It is honoring their creativity, supporting their yearning for deeper understanding and self expression.



At times, True love may be sensing an awesome, magnificent Force of Love from God coursing through us, nourishing us, strengthening, and healing us with Peace. We become one with our loved ones and one with God. The deeper our sense of oneness, the more we feel fulfilled. It is what has been called a mystical experience. Consciously or not, we are all yearning for it, yearning for the secret formula that will bring us to this blessed state as often as we wish, and making it last. We can sense this is the purpose of our existence. And we long for its fulfillment ~

~ ~

True Love is discovering this Force of Life more than we expect ~ ~ ~


Choosing to trust and to know it is available to us, each of us, no matter what the mistakes of the past may be. ~ ~ ~


True Love is generating this awareness and discovery through our acts of kindness and support, our committed friendship, the generous gift of ourselves, offering our energy, our time, appreciation, loving attention, practical help ~ ~


Discovering how acts of kindness and loving attention will immediately uplift us. Feeling just great when doing it! ~ ~ ~


* ~ ~ ~ ~ *

Children raised in a loving environment will reflect it in many ways. Many of them appreciate the happy fulfillment of doing someone a favor, when given the right example and encouragement. Bringing someone a cookie, helping mommy out with her household chores, becoming a partner with Daddy’s projects… what pride and joy!… and if they are encouraged, they probably will love playing a similar helpful role for the rest of their lives! For there is magic in it. It can’t be explained, it may be totally irrational sometimes, and yet it is a natural impulse in most of us. We spontaneously will help our fellow human beings in some way, when they find themselves in need. It is the foundation of our true nature.


Living with someone we love gives us opportunities every day to fulfill that need to give of ourselves, to express ourselves in loving ways, to be fulfilled through acts of kindness.


When hearing about heroic deeds of kindness, about people who have risked their lives, their reputation, their survival in order to help other people in need, we feel awed and uplifted. Why? Because we sense that this true, inexplicable, irrational Love has been honored and expressed in action. It feels good. It feels right. It feels so comforting and strengthening.


More than we realize, we are also capable of manifesting our great potential.


from the book: Masters and Miracles – By Liliane Ritchie




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