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The Holocaust – A view from Above

This writing is here to bring higher understanding and healing answers to the burning questions that have been in countless hearts since the Second World War: the questions about the six million Jewish people who were brutally murdered during the Holocaust. There are many who don’t even want to think about it. Many don’t want to have anything to do with their Jewish identity. Many others are basically not able to forgive God for this unspeakable horror that left them shaken, humiliated, confused, discouraged and bewildered.


Anger with God is constricting us. It leads to much unhappiness and depression. When we can shift our perspective and perceive these events on a deeper level, we can begin to see them with a view from the true Reality of eternal realms. There is a way we can begin to heal. Healing comes through beholding these events through a vision from eternally renewed life, a vision from the expanding, dynamic true reality of our eternal souls, the vision of the One who created them.


We ask: “Why is it that the Jewish people have been so hated? When we are searching through the events of our heroic and tragic history, we can see a familiar repeated pattern of events. In whatever country the Jewish people happened to have been driven to and settled in, wherever they were, they soon flourished. But then, every time a despotic ruler or a cruel, fanatical power monger managed to grab power, their primary target of hatred has been the Jewish people, especially their spiritual life and religious observance.


These rulers feel threatened by the Jews, even though Jewish communities usually constitute a quiet, unobtrusive, small minority. We have been wondering: What is the power they are afraid of? Why are they so obsessed with annihilating the Jews? Why is this hatred still a threat, more than ever, even to our days?


It seems they feel threatened by the power of our connection with our Creator, the power we receive from following the Commandments, the power of our mission to bring to the world a great Light of higher consciousness. We refuse to be impressed by them. They are afraid of this mysterious power that can defeat them. And indeed, within a few years, history has shown us that they are always defeated!


We constantly need help from Above. It is time to realize how immensely valuable our mission is, especially now! Our Kabbalists have taught us that on some inner level yet unknown to us, before we were born, our soul chose to take part in our common destiny, our common mission, long ago. We have been placed in this world to be a blessing and we have access to great help from Above to accomplish this.


Being blessed with much energy, spirit of enterprise and inspiration from our Creator, most of us are usually eager to make a difference in some way: to learn, to teach, to create, to improve ourselves, to succeed, to uplift and serve our fellowmen, to heal. We long for greater meaning and understanding in all ways. When we forget and don’t live up to some of this purpose, we lose our sense of joy and inner strength. We feel anxious and bitter.


The following pages were written a few years ago. Yet I didn’t dare sharing these thoughts with anyone, for they came from the depths of my personal inner soul experiences, which were difficult to communicate. Also people’s pain about the Holocaust seemed too raw to begin to address. Perhaps today, people are more ready to hear and understand these concepts. They are presented here to bring a new light and gently melt away the deep pain, anger and discouragement most of us feel at the very mention of the word ‘Holocaust’.


In the sixties, Joshua Chaim and I were comfortably living in Berkeley, California with our 3 small children. Joshua was a physician taking care of the students learning at the University of California. It was a most pleasant work with a wealthy future. But then we first met and connected in deep bonds of friendship with Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. We were then so inspired by his example that we knew we had to move to Jerusalem. We knew our lives would serve a greater purpose in Israel. In 1968 we packed up and moved. This was our first Aliyah.


We settled in the quiet inviting neighborhood of Bayit Vegan, Joshua was teaching pediatrics to the students at Hadassah University and put in charge of that department.


It was wonderful joining in more closely with the immense family of our Jewish brethren as we happily settled in Jerusalem. I knew that most people living in Israel had lived through hardships to get there. I was always curious to hear how each person had arrived in Israel, and I would wonder: “What were the miracles that pulled them through these years of relentless persecutions, cruelty and insanity in Europe?” Inevitably, I got acquainted with many survivors of the Holocaust as well as their children, but most of the time they didn’t want to talk about their past.


The courage of a child



“How did you make it through?” I asked a particularly friendly and lively neighbor of ours, Yetti Erlanger. I had to coax her for an answer, and when she saw my keen interest, she began to tell me, in French, some of her story.


“I was a skinny 12 year old when I took charge of a convoy of children. That was in France, March

1943. A guide walked with us a long distance through the snow toward the Swiss border. A few kilometers from our destination, he pointed the way for us saying: “Follow this path until you reach the Geneva Lake at the border. Then you will have to find a way around the barbed wire fence into Switzerland”. He wished us well and then left us.


We trudged through the snow, following that path. We could hear dogs barking in the distance, the Nazi’s watchdogs on the alert guarding the borders. The children were freezing, afraid, exhausted, crying and hungry. When we finally reached the Geneva Lake, I realized that the barbed wire fence extended into the deep waters by a few meters. The only way around it was to swim! The children didn’t know how to swim and the water was ice cold. So, I took each child on my back and swam with them, one after the other, around that barbed wire fence. I swam back and forth until all the children were brought to the other side.


“You really did that? How?” I asked in amazement.


Yetti chuckled: “I don’t know. God was with me. Then we had to deal with the Swiss border guards. At that time they had strict orders to turn back any refugees coming in. At the guard station, they plied us with questions. Then they offered us hot chocolate-milk. Finally, thank God, they allowed us to stay in Switzerland in a refugee camp.”


I was in awe, hearing such stories of courage and indomitable spirit, and I heard many more from other people. Yet, I was deeply troubled by these accounts. Like millions of other people all over the world, I wondered how the Almighty could allow so much hysteria, brutality, murder and terror to sweep over so many countries. I could feel the big challenge it was for so many people to keep trusting in the purpose of life or the existence of a benevolent Creator. I could sense how difficult it was for so many Jews to keep believing in their own destiny and to be proud of it. They and their friends had lost not only their health, but also their entire families, acquaintances and every member of their communities. They were the only ones left.


If I would happen to just glance for one second at a photograph taken in the concentration camps, that image would imprint itself on my memory and stay there forever. I was at times haunted by the memory of the unspeakable suffering of so many souls and I couldn’t bear reading any books about it. I prayed for understanding.


An ocean of Light



One day, as I was quietly attending to my motherly duties in our small apartment in Jerusalem, something inexplicable happened. A powerful, insistent question presented itself to my mind:

“Where are those countless souls that perished in the war, now? In what state of mind are they NOW?


And then in an ineffable, timeless moment, suddenly, simply, effortlessly, the answer dawned on me. I knew in my heart that these most precious souls were immersed in an ocean of bliss, an ocean of Light and peace. I knew that



this ocean was somehow connected to the shores of the Land of Israel. This was an undeniable, shining truth that had settled in my heart. It instilled within me a profound, healing peace that stayed with me. It immersed me in a sense of awe at the infinite Power of Light and benevolent Harmony standing behind all Creation.


On many other occasions later, especially while praying during services at the synagogue or at the Western Wall, that same quality of peace hovered over me, and I sensed the presence of some of these many souls. The message they held for me became clearer, the warmth of their love more real. They were urging me to draw closer to the Eternal One, to trust in His love, to trust in the wisdom of His ways. They were asking me to encourage people to connect with the eternal love of the Creator. They were urging me to comfort people and to tell them some of the reasons why the Holocaust happened; the blessings that followed in its wake, the new dawn that is approaching, the countless miracles that allowed the Jewish family to gather again in the Holy Land, the Divine protection that encircles that Land throughout all its adversities and wars.


In those moments I felt a great warmth and love enveloping me, including all the people in prayer with me. It was like an all embracing and permeating feeling of being cherished, supported, upheld, and treasured. It was a yearning call to us, beseeching us to receive the blessings and love of the Most High.


They are here with us.


Translating these clear inner impressions into words comes easily, because they remain so vivid throughout the years; whether I received them in

1969 or later. These beautiful souls are

addressing us like their beloved family, enveloping us with the love from on High, from our supreme Creator. They are here with us, seeking to guide us and inspire us. They are calling us to know our great privilege to be the children of the exalted, supreme One. They are bringing us the peace of Heaven.


They are asking us to desist from mourning about them. They assure us that, in truth it was their great privilege to be asked to be there in those times of war and darkness, during their short stay on earth. For then, even more than ever before, their cry for redemption, for salvation, for mercy became immensely powerful. Their intense yearning for righteousness, for truth, for freedom, for justice was summoning awesome energies in the vast, higher dimensions of the Supreme One. They were crying for Divine compassion, and this mighty call opened the floodgates of bountiful blessings for the Jewish people and for mankind.


Even within just a few days of their stay in the concentration camps, so much had happened in the depths of their hearts. Their cries stormed the heavens and ascended all the way to the highest Source, the compassionate Creator. Their cries were answered in awesome ways, preparing blessings that will stretch over the millennia to come, bringing Light to the world, speeding up the elevation and refinement of consciousness of mankind.


Their awe of the Supreme One is immense, for they can see the mastery of His plan for mankind.


On another occasion, as I was peering into past centuries with them, through their view from Above, a sudden unquestionable truth presented itself to my awareness. I understood at last the fundamental reason why the Holocaust was destined to happen. I could see that mankind, in its ways of general ignorance, arrogance, fear, greed and cruelty had been drawing toward itself, over the centuries, a destiny of dark energies, bringing with it horrific destruction from the nuclear weapons soon to be discovered. It was only a matter of time. There seemed to be no way



to stop the inexorable march of events leading to this devastation. A great deal of mankind would have perished, perhaps most of it. Indeed, at that time, German scientists were actively researching the secret of nuclear power and were very close to discovering it! When they approached Hitler for more funding for this research, the answer was: “First we have to take care of the Jewish problem.”


Can you imagine what could have happened if this power had first been grabbed by this demented leader of Germany? It would have been the end of civilization for mankind.


Beholding this enormous danger from their Heavenly dimensions, these courageous souls, as well as countless millions of others, volunteered to be born in our world before World War II, to detract this future tide of events. Yes, World War II was the Armageddon of destruction predicted in a few ancient prophecies. But it didn’t destroy most of mankind as some of those prophecies were predicting. This decree was altered by the most poignant call to God of these war victims. It was their calls for redemption that caused a new Light to appear. It was this very oceanic tide of intense yearning for Divine mercy and holiness, rising from Jewish people and many millions more, that brought down the powerful blessings of intervention from on High.



Our world here is a place of free will for all mankind. We all depend on each other’s prayers and compassionate choices. Our world is a vast school of learning for countless souls. We are put in charge of our own lives, each in our own unique way.


How these blessings of divine intervention manifested was also made clear to me: somehow, after the horrors of the Holocaust and ravages of World War II, the consciousness of most of mankind was softened in mysterious ways, silently, and secretly. This change just unfolded naturally. The insane drive for war and the relentless madness of national aggression and pride somehow disappeared out of Europe. Also, the 40 years of ‘Cold War’ between Russia and the United States amazingly remained cold and harmless. And one of the most extraordinary miracles occurred when the colossal, threatening power of the Communist regime just collapsed on itself without violence, in 1988.


Somehow the leaders of the world realized that nuclear war would be a death sentence for everyone. Somehow, they made good decisions. Somehow, mankind mercifully was protected, is protected, and will be protected from vast destruction despite all the imperfections and threats still remaining.

In the vast, glorious dimensions where all is known to the minutest detail, these precious volunteers are immensely grateful for having been instrumental in this change of consciousness. They know their mighty cry contributed in calling forth immense compassion for mankind and allowed this Divine compassion to be received in our world in the hearts of the multitudes of future generations. They feel immensely blessed.


They led me to understand that there were other reasons for the suffering of mankind that couldn’t be revealed to me yet, reasons that I could behold only from their view from Above.


Ever since they left our world and ascended to awesome, glorious realms, their call for redemption for our sake and for all of mankind is just as intense as it was during their trials. But now it is a joyful, blissful call, because now in the World of Truth, they see the purpose and meaning of all things and events. They perceive the masterful plan of the Master of Creation, and this fills them with joy beyond description. They are immensely compensated for their willingness to be of service and hardly remember their days of sufferings during their short stay on earth.




We all know how desperately many Jewish people need an answer to their questions about the Holocaust. If they could perceive the messages that these loving souls are yearning to convey to them, I believe these are the insights and revelation that would be conveyed to them, just as they were revealed to me.


“Please do not feel sorry for us. We are here united with our most loving spiritual family in blissful realms of such awesome glory… beyond words, beyond your understanding. The Supreme One is all Love. His loving wisdom runs the galaxies forever. Kindly give Him a little credit!


“Our greatest joy is to see how we were instrumental in helping recreate a homeland for our vast family of brethren, so that they may come to the Holy Land. Before we were born in your world, we had chosen and been encouraged to take on this difficult challenge, in order to help together free mankind from danger, darkness and despair. We wanted to do this for the love of our Beloved One, our Creator. We didn’t know exactly how to make ourselves of service, but we eagerly accepted.


“Once we were born in your world, we forgot everything, like you all do. We certainly didn’t remember any of our previous agreement with our heavenly mentors while we were going through our period of overwhelming darkness during the war’s frozen wastelands of chaos and fear. But we had agreed. We had chosen.


“Have you ever wondered why the Holy Land is so miraculously protected since our people returned there? Many of us are here to stand guard over it, even though we live in higher worlds. Somehow we can reach through to inspire and guide many of our receptive brethren, especially when it comes to making decisions during times of danger. They may not be aware of it but the right decision shines forth at the right time when needed. We can do this through the merit we gathered during our stay on earth. It is a precious gift from the Supreme One. We feel so blessed.


“Lift up your eyes and see the changes happening in your world, the new dawn of consciousness, the willingness to rediscover the new and ancient wisdom that has been brought down through the sages and great masters of wisdom and compassion. Many millions of people are now open to receive new ideas and beneficial concepts, especially regarding the well-being of body, mind and soul through the healing arts. This is preparing the way for an attitude of greater understanding, acceptance and cooperation among many nations. As more people open their minds and their hearts, wisdom will alight in this world through joy, through a simple willingness to receive, to learn and expand. Prepare yourselves to grow and to strengthen yourselves not through suffering, but through joy and sharing in loving friendships.


“Before World War II, most of the world was not ready or willing to receive our message, to honor our yearning to express our soul strength, our faith and direction. So we were mercifully led to leave your world all together as one. A great many of us will not need to return to your world till a new consciousness is dawning upon mankind, until the time of messianic redemption is here on earth. Our children are not meant to be born in surroundings of strife, fear and ignorance. Most of us need not grow through suffering any longer, but through joy, through an abundant, generous, exuberant life, through our ability to radiate light and compassion to a world that is ready to receive.


“Remember the sacred prophetic promise: ‘The knowledge of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the seabed.’


“In truth these times are approaching, without the horrific nightmares of destruction upon Earth which could have been inevitable. Open your eyes and see the changes in your world now.



Somehow, I spite of several ominous threats, we can see that cruel despots are now prevented from grasping entire nations in their clutches and leading them into enormous, devastating wars. Mankind is learning. The depth of yearning from the hearts of millions is now going to bring times of greater awareness, of expansion and abundance in a steady, growing momentum. As these times are approaching, new doors of success are opening for those willing to teach and serve the cause of compassion and Light. New intelligent approaches in the art of living are being revealed and adopted. Ignorance and fear is gently melting away. Blessings, well-being, new creativity and expanding joy will flourish. See the signs.


“Beloved ones, we are pleading with you, remember your own calling, your great destiny to be a Light. You and all of us are connected as one immense family. We belong to the most merciful Supreme One, the Master of Creation.


“Among the many nations of your world, countless millions of other conscious, gentle, kindly people, with love for God and for mankind in their heart, are joining with you in your Divine mission. Together we are all walking toward the fulfillment of a Divine promise: a promise of a glory, strength and eternal joy far beyond your ability to imagine yet.




Some people are rebelling and turning against God and causing much destruction to themselves and others. Even then, the Eternal One does not abandon them, but lets them be with their choices until they have had enough illusions, confusion and suffering. Sooner or later, these souls will also find their way back to ultimate cleansing and healing.


“Remember our Creator’s plan for each of us. Truly blessed are those who are connecting to the great souls of our heritage, those holy lights of saintliness and wisdom that came to illuminate the path of our people with immense patience and compassion in every generation. Remember their example of total commitment to higher Wisdom, their message of great love for the Creator and for each soul.


You are all truly blessed and loved. Honor each other. Honor the longings of your soul. Trust in the love of the Infinite One who renews your life forever and waits for you to receive His joy.


From the book: Masters and Miracles by Liliane Ritchie



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