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What is Prayer?

Beloved Master of Life,

You are our sustainer through prayer.  What is this mysterious power?  How can it be so powerful for many people?

When people sincerely pray from the depths of their soul, I envelop their being with warmth and wonder like melodies.  They find themselves immersed, engaged.  They might think that it is coming from within themselves, but it is not – I brought this forth in them as a gift.  Even a little willingness, a lone flute note, can open the door to My grand symphony of Light and warmth.

I am the Source of all Strength, Joy, Wisdom, Insight, Understanding, Love, Kindness and Compassion.

I wait to immerse you all in Bliss.  I infill you with Strength, Joyful Victory and Spontaneous Inspiration.  I anticipate opening gates of Higher Awareness and Healing Power for you.  I wish to make it easy for you to conquer your physical reality in Holiness and Divine Strength.  I plan to bring Delight, Enthusiasm, and playful activity into your every day.  I want to free you from all that dampens your original passion for experiencing life in joy and with the thrill of discovery.

All it takes is for you to be willing to make a space for Me, to bring Me into your conscious awareness and your Trust!

You are Masters in the making.  All your present obstacles and suffering are a reminder to call unto Me, to find the impetus to overcome indifference, apathy, thoughts of unfairness and blaming others.  Remember, I lovingly look over you even as you make mistakes.  I know it is like learning to play the piano, making many “mistakes” before mastering the art.

Keep making your good choices passionately and with conviction.

You are placed in a most privileged position of blazing the path of choosing love instead of hate, of recognizing My hidden blessings, over resentment.  When you see My purpose in everything I do, you are transmuting the situation itself.

With prayer, you can turn away from attitudes that deplete your energy.  With prayer, you can receive beliefs that uplift you.  With prayer you can love Me in spite of and through all your sufferings.  You can choose to humbly ask for my direct help in resolving whatever pains you experience.  I give you unique talents and inner strength to deal with whatever comes your way.

Remember to choose to immerse yourself in books that re-awaken your soul-longings for Me.

With prayer, you can choose to see the inner core of innocence and childlike yearnings in others.

When you encounter difficult people with personality disorders, have the strength to see their inner beauty and discern their own yearning to feel truly alive.  They are full of fears of rejection, ridicule, and being unwanted.

You can have compassion for them, aware of their sense of vulnerability, their desperate clinging to money or power like a drowning person clings to a beam of wood in a stormy sea.

With prayer, you can begin to heal their wounds with your inner calm, your kindness, caring and respect for them. Trust in My ability to care for them and reach out to them as well.  You can approach them gently with healing words and compassion, with an aura of faith in them.  Knowing that they do have beauty and value inherent in who they are, deep within.

When you reach out to them, you infiltrate their own self-denials and self-destructive tendencies.  You can reach out, as this is what they are yearning for the most, even though they may push you away in their mistrust and fears of being let down again.

I will certainly help you.  I love to work with you in such endeavors!  You are My wonderful child, My partner in compassion.

I Love you.

You can count on Me to do most of the work.

My Plan has always been to work through the maze of personality problems and seemingly disruptive happenings.  There is an important reason for this world being that way.  This world places you in a position of growth not found in other dimensions, where my goodness is unquestioned.  And see?  I have to rely on your willingness to choose.  You can accept Me or reject Me.

I depend on you ! ! !  My hands are tied behind my back !

With prayer, you can walk through your own disappointments, hurts, vindictiveness, and fears.  Choose to benefit many with your warmth, friendship and care.  Choose all this for Me, not for the approval of others.

You will see how caring, compassion and respect works magic in people’s attitudes. See the beauty and value of their being and invite them to recognize it as well. Keep affirming it with them.  You will see them light up and abandon their distasteful behavior patterns.

This is the true path to Joy – My Joy !

From the book “Answers from Above”  by Liliane Ritche



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A not–so–young man and woman were sitting on the porch of the hotel catching a little breeze. The woman turned to the man and said, “It’s really something – you look exactly like my third husband.”

The gentleman asked her, “How many times have you been married?”

She replied, “Only twice so far!”